Photo Competition Entries

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Big Smile
Cheeky Puppy
Sydney Jones
Casper Winsor
Kyra Underdown - Winner
Alfie & Roxie Wood - Overall Winner
Willow Brown
Molly Burton
Mowgli Wheeler
Barley West
Mr. B enjoying posing for the camera
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Finley Turner - Winner
Morwena Batchelor
Louie Holland
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Dog in Flight
Brody Taylor
Brody Taylor
Brody Taylor
Moustakis Rae
Roxie Wood
Beau Wheeler
Mowgli Wheeler - Winner
Hix Murray
Catching a bubble
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Funny Dog
Brody Taylor
Kesha Rebbeck
Moustakis Rae
Bandit Criddle
Alfie & Roxie Wood
Ryder Dean - Winner
Jerry Sterio
Willow Brown
Dolly Corlett
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Me & My Dog
Muddy Dog
Jackson Eaton - Winner
Frankie Argrave
Charlie Argrave
Alfie Wood
Alfie is important to me because he is calm and he is nice. He lets me read to him and he doesn't jump up and is always happy to see me. He never bites and I love him very much. He is family and he is always happy to play with me and he doesn't want much. He adores us and he is the best dog ever.
Roxie Wood
Roxie is important to me because she is always up for a game of fetch and she is very funny when she bumps into things. She is always so snuggly and will jump onto my lap for a cuddle. Roxie is the best dog in the universe!
Tilly Elliot
Barley Wheeler
Barley and his girls
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We are Family
Brody Taylor
Millie Gillespie - Winner
Doris Cryer
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Jack, Pippa & Willis Haxton
Gia Gia Jankowska (Zante Secretary)
Our Magnificent Seven - Winner
Daisy, Beau, Tuppence, Domino, Mowgli, Ike & D'Abo
Our Fabulous Five
Beau, Stuart, Tuppence, Sky & Sacha
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