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Name: Maggie
Age: Born February 2021
Breed: Hound mix



Maggie was originally from Zakynthos, Greece and was adopted in the UK as a puppy, however Maggie was not given the direction she needed as an insecure pup and started to develop some bad habits around food.  Maggie has been at Dog Trouble for rehabilitation and is now ready for her forever home.

Maggie is a gentle soul who can still be a bit unsure at times but responds immediately given the correct direction and guidance. Maggie loves to run alongside the bike and walks beautifully on lead with packs of dogs. 

Maggie enjoys being with other dogs but needs leadership and direction when playing as she can get a bit too playful.  Maggie would not be suitable to live with young children or cats.

Maggie needs an owner who will be her leader and continue to provide her with the right guidance as she continues to become a balanced adult dog.  You would need the time to take her out and about to new places and would need to be committed to working with us to learn how to continue her rehabilitation.

If I didn't have so many dogs in my Pack then I would be keeping her!  She's smart, wants to follow direction and walks beautifully on a lead!

If you feel you could be the right owner for Maggie please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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