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Name:  Chino
Age: 3 years (2020)
Breed:  Greek Mountain Dog/Pyrenees

Gender: Male

History:   Chino was found by Jo with the rest of his littermates outside a taverna in Kalamaki, Zakynthos at about 6 weeks old.  They were covered in fleas and ticks and were very malnourished.  Jo decided to bring Chino and his sister Diggles back to the UK where Diggles was adopted.  Chino stayed at Dog Trouble as he was very insecure and showed signs of having a high guarding instinct.  It was apparent early on that Chino found it too much pressure being in a house environment and was at his happiest being outdoors, particularly amongst the farm animals.  Historically his breed are used to guard and protect livestock.

Chino loves to play with Ollie, Bear and Baloo and enjoys his morning runs around the farm.

If you would like to Sponsor Chino please click on Sponsor a Dog or call 0118 979 1214.

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