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Name: Snow
Age: Born September 2017
Breed: Mixed breed



Snow was being fed as a stray in Zakynthos, Greece and eventually was brought to the shelter in 2019.  Snow was extremely frightened and would spend most of her time hiding in her kennel, so Zante strays asked if Dog Trouble could accept her on the rehabilitation programme.  It took about 1 year to rehabilitate Snow to the point where she was able to move into a lovely foster home where she has just blossomed!

Snow loves the guidance of other dogs and by living with her foster sister she has made great progress to the point where she is now able to live in a home comfortably and walk in quiet areas.  This girl has come a long way and we still smile when we see glimpses of her playing with the dogs.

Snow will need a quiet home with another balanced dog as her guide. and no children.  With direction and guidance she will continue to grow in confidence. Snow needs someone who can provide her with stability, patience and time to continue to build her confidence with life.  If you can give snow what she needs then she will blossom! If you are committed to working with us to learn how to continue Snow's journey into becoming a more confident, balanced dog then please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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