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Name: Dolly - ADOPTED!
Age: Born 2010
Breed: English Setter Mix

History:  Dolly is a stray from the Kalamaki Dog Aid programme.  She was dumped, probably due to her age/health, and was taken in by Zante Strays. Dolly is currently living at Dog Trouble as she had some health issues when she arrived from Zakynthos, Greece.  Dolly is susceptible to conjunctivitis as she has typically droopy eyes!  She also has a heart murmur but is very happy and healthy otherwise.  Dolly is spayed and at her ideal weight now.  Dolly loves everything- dogs, people, kids and would be quite happy living with an older person who is physically able to walk her but does not live a hectic life!  She does have a very high Prey drive as she has been used for hunting in Zakynthos, therefore her recall is developing but will need to be kept on lead and worked on a long line until her recall is reliable.


Likes:  Being out in the garden looking for birds and sleeping in her dog bed which she has just discovered is very cosy!


Dislikes:  None really but will chase and hunt cats, birds, rabbits etc


To meet Dolly and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 0118 9791214.

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