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Name: Mina - ADOPTED!
Age: Born January 2018
Breed: Goldendoodle


Mina is a loving and loyal but strong willed puppy who would thrive with an assertive and active owner. She has been brought up in a loving household with 2 other dogs, she is well trained in all basic commands in the house, socialised, crate trained, toilet trained, car crate trained. She has been brought up on a raw diet as well as a conscientious herbal alternative treatment to worms and fleas.


Due to her strong character and high prey drive her current owners are unable to keep her due to their lower energy dog in their pack. Mina would suit a strong owner as an individual dog or with another older calmer energy dog that she will respect. She has lots of energy and will thrive with lots of exercise. In the right environment Mina will be a loving and loyal dog and member of the family.


Likes: long walks/running, chasing sticks and balls and having her ears rubbed in the house.

Dislikes: Mina can be alert to some dogs/people and has been rehabilitated to build her trust and approach towards both in a calmer way.


If you feel you have the experience to give Mina a home and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

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