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At the boot loader, to just start the system, you have to press the keys "esc" (and F8 for Windows). After the BIOS screen, the boot process starts. When you press "esc" to enter the advanced menu, you should see the list of the main partitions on the hard disk, with the OS installed on the first. If you want to set a new Windows password, use the Kon Boot utility. It's a small utility that you can launch from your Desktop. To access it, open your Start menu and type "kon boot" (without the quotes).Q: Eclipse: Search and replace multiple text strings I need to search for these two strings in all Java files, and replace them with a single one. I know it's easy to do in Sublime Text, but I can't find a way to do it in Eclipse. System.out.println(getName()); System.out.println(getAge()); I want to end up with this: System.out.println(getName()+getAge()); I don't want to be forced to use an extension like Regex. A: This is just a question of how to create a search/replace for multiple strings. So if you want a quick solution, you can probably get what you want by using a regular expression in a search/replace dialog. If you're more interested in a command line solution, then take a look at this question: How to replace multiple string using java? If you have any difficulty, you can use an online tool, such as to help you. Good luck! Q: Fluent NHibernate - LazyLoadingRelatedValue - Fetching a subset of the related collection for all entries at once I'm trying to implement lazy loading of related collections via a related value in a ViewModel (used by View) I have a relation of UserType->UserTable that can have many UserTable. In my ViewModel I'm accessing a collection of UserTable that have a given UserType in it. I'm trying to fetch a collection of UserTable for a given UserType (which isnt the same as the view model collection) and populate the related value so I can perform an update (I need to set all values from the View




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