Dog Rescue Organisation Support

Anyone who works with a dog rescue organisation knows that one of the major barriers to successful rehoming is behaviour issues, ranging from problems with recall or barking, to reactiveness to dogs or people. Dog Trouble Foundation was set up to provide support and advice for small rescues in resolving these issues.

Whether you work for a dog rescue organisation or are a volunteer, the Foundation can help support your rehoming work through our Education Programme, with advice from our professional behaviourists and support, including working with adopters and their rescued dog to resolve behaviour issues. We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and we use the funds we raise to provide these free services to dog rescue organisations. Use the links below to find out more about the ways in which we can help you. 


Support for Dog Rescues

We can arrange a consultation with a professional dog behaviourist to assess the behaviour issues of dogs and advise on the best approaches to follow for the rescue, and for potential adopters, in order to resolve the issues. Additional training and education opportunities can be discussed during the consultation.

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The Foundation can offer places on follow-up training for staff and volunteers, and in some cases adopters where it's agreed that this would be beneficial in helping the rescue develop the skills needed to resolve behaviour issues in the future.

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The Foundation can provide places on a range of different workshops, including dog behaviour Fundamentals, canine first aid, dog walking, dog behaviour, junior pack leader, dog massage, and attendance at chiropractic or titre testing clinics.

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