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Name: Tess - ADOPTED!
Age: 5 years (2015)
Breed: German Shepherd

History:  Tess joined the Dog Trouble Pack as her owners felt they were not able to handle her and she would be happier living with someone else.  Tess like most GSD’s has a high Prey Drive - a desire to hunt, chase, play.  Her excitement can cause her to react to other dogs if she feels challenged by them, however, she has responded very well to training and will recall well.  She is an assertive female and will not get along with other assertive female dogs.  However, she does interact well with some of my Pack, mainly the boys!  Tess really deserves a home with someone who has experience of handling a reactive GSD, I know there is someone out there who could give her the calm assertive direction that she responds so well to!  Tess has not had much experience with children and can be reactive to them so would be best in a home without children.


Likes: Dog Agility, Boomer Ball (football), Swimming, Running, Search & Find working her brain!


Dislikes: People who stare at her initially as it makes her feel insecure. Assertive/reactive dogs.


If you would like to Sponsor Tess, or you feel you have the experience to give Tess a home and to see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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