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Name: Toffee - ADOPTED
Age: 17/1/2015 
Breed: Mixed


History:  Toffee is one of 6 puppies found dumped on Zakynthos in the middle of nowhere with no chance of survival. He was born approximately January 2015. He is a medium/large boy, around 20 kilos. He has proved to be an amazing foster dog to other puppies during his time in foster care. He is now at Dog Trouble and learning to be a happy little man. Came into Dog Trouble September 2020.

Likes: Calm, quiet environment. Toffee needs patience and direction to help him become a more confident dog. He loves other dogs and thrives from being with another dog that he can get support from and play with. Toffee is a very kind, gentle soul. He loves his crate where he can go to if he feels overwhelmed and he loves routine!


Dislikes: Noisy/busy environments.

If you feel you have the experience to give Toffee a home and to see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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