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Name: Bernard
Age:  27/2/21
Breed:  Lab cross

Gender: Male

History:   Bernard came to Dog Trouble for Boot Camp to address his anxiety around new people and dogs where he blossomed into a more balanced, trusting dog.  Unfortunately even though he has progressed immensely his owners feel that they cannot give him the time and fulfilment that he deserves and would like to find a happier home for him. Bernard has lived in a family with a young child and is now more sociable with dogs and people.  He is an active dog who loves to go running, walking and play with other dogs

We are looking for a calm, assertive, active owner who can continue to give Bernard the direction and fulfilment he deserves.  He is such a great dog in the pack and we would love to find him a home!

If you feel you could be the right owner for Bernard please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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