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The Dog Trouble Foundation was established by Jo Cottrell to provide Education and Rescue programmes to both dogs and people in need of support.  The main purpose of the Foundation is to help reduce the number of rescue dogs staying long term in rescue organisations due to behaviour/health issues. To support this aim, most importantly we can offer dog behaviour/health education and training to staff and volunteers working in rescue organisations.


We rely largely on fundraising events and donations to support the various costs associated with our work which includes:

  • Medical expenses including spaying/castrating 

  • Essential Oils/Herbs for Natural health support

  • Natural Raw Feeding


Our Fundraising events include Pack Walks which take place at the Dog Trouble Behaviour, Training and Wellness Centre, Wokingham, each month. Many of our rescue dogs attend with their families and they are also an ideal opportunity for people to walk their dogs on lead with other dogs.

You can check out our Rescue and Education pages if you'd like to see the latest news on our rescue dogs. If you would like to help with our fundraising events or simply donate then please click on our Fundraising page.

Dog Trouble Foundation is a not-for-profit charity incorporated as a Community Interest Company on 15 October 2018 and registered at Companies House with company number 11623034

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