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Rescue Education 

A high number of rescue dogs are returned within the first few weeks of being adopted largely due to behaviour issues.

According to the British publication 'Animal Welfare', "One in three deaths in U.K. dogs younger than 3 years old was from "undesirable" behaviors........Euthanasia was the most common cause of those deaths—75 percent overall."

Dogs with challenging behaviour are a major issue for  rescue centres when trying to re-home them.  With 10 years of experience successfully rehabilitating rescue dogs, the Foundation is able to provide rescue education & training to aid rescue centres in preventing and resolving behaviour and health issues and preparing them for successful re-homing.  

If you work/volunteer in a dog rescue organisation and are interested in our rescue education & training please complete our Rescue Support Enquiry Form  


Topics covered include:
  • Dog Behaviour assessment

  • Matching the correct owner to the dog

  • Dog Health & Nutrition

  • Dog basics training

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