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Name: Barney
Age:  December 2023
Breed:  Greek hound X

Gender: Male

History:   Barney was found on the streets in Zakynthos, Greece all on his own wandering down a busy road.  One of our foster carers picked him up and fostered him in April 2024, then in May he travelled to Dog Trouble. 

Barney is a german shephered/greek hound mix and has a beautiful energy.  He loves playing with the other dogs and pottering about following you.  He walks really well on the lead and has settled in well.  He will be a large dog with gentle energy and would suit having another dog in the household to interact with.

He is still young so will need his basic training continuing and lots of socialisation to ensure he grows up to be a balanced dog.  

If you feel you could be the right owner for Barney please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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