Name: Buddy - ADOPTED

Age:  9 years (2011)
Breed: Pointer/Spaniel

Gender: Male

History:   Buddy was one of our Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue programme recipients. The rescue that found him were concerned about his stress levels in their environment and asked us to consider accepting him on our rehabilitation programme. Buddy loves living with the Dog Trouble pack but we feel that he could thrive in a quiet rural setting where there is another male dog or dogs that he can bond with.  So we are putting him up for adoption in the hope that we may find owners that possibly live on a farm or small holding where each day is the same routine and he can become one of the pack. 


Likes:  To feel safe, loves his crate/bed and a calm peaceful environment.  He also loves his morning runs around the farm with the other dogs.


Dislikes:  New environments, particularly busy places; Loud noises and sudden movement.

Issues:  Buddy was a typical example of a dog who had been bred and raised in a poor environment, then dumped along with his siblings. A clear lack of early socialisation meant that Buddy was frightened of ‘life’ and had adopted the flight/avoidance behaviour to survive. Buddy has been at Dog Trouble for a long time.  He did go to a home but after 6 months he never really bonded with the female dog in the home.  Buddy loves having a male dog that he can 'attach' himself to who becomes his support and mentor.  He still goes into ‘flight’ when approached by people he doesn’t know but has learned to trust the Dog Trouble team and will recall with direction to guide him to a safe place, usually his bed/crate.

If you meet the criteria we have explained above and would like to meet Buddy please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

Buddy in the Paddock