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Name: Buddy

Age:  11 years (2011)
Breed: Pointer/Spaniel

Gender: Male

History:   Buddy was one of our Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue programme recipients. The rescue that found him were concerned about his stress levels in their environment and asked us to consider accepting him on our rehabilitation programme.  

Buddy was a typical example of a dog who had been bred and raised in a poor environment, then dumped along with his siblings. A clear lack of early socialisation meant that Buddy was frightened of ‘life’ and had adopted the flight/avoidance behaviour to survive.


Buddy has been at Dog Trouble for a long time.  He did go to a home but he struggled to cope with the outside world and it was apparent when he came back that he was happiest with his friends at Dog Trouble.  Buddy lives a beautiful life here and is able to go running off lead around the farm with his Dog Trouble pack friends, something that he would never be able to do in a home environment.

If you would like to Sponsor Buddy please click on Sponsor a Dog or call 0118 979 1214.

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