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Sponsor a Dog

Application Form

The Dog Trouble Foundation Sponsorship Scheme is a way for you to help support our work by sponsoring one of our rescued dogs. Our sponsor dogs are dogs that are waiting to find a home aswell as dogs that are difficult to rehome and live with us permanently because of physical or behaviour issues. If we can't find that special home for them they'll live at the rescue for the rest of their lives in a supported and secure environment, and enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the Foundation Pack.

Sponsoring a dog is an ideal gift... or maybe a special treat for yourself! If you can’t have a dog and want to support our rescue, sponsoring a dog is an ideal way for you to be a part of their life and also help with the costs of caring for your chosen dog.

You can sponsor a dog as a "One-time" gift or make the gift on a monthly or annual basis. See "How the Sponsorship Scheme Works"  and the FAQs below for more information.


If you would like to Sponsor one of our dogs, please complete our Sponsor a Dog Application Form. Thank you!

Some fun photos of our Sponsor Dogs living life on the farm! 

Application Form
Sponsor dogs
Our Sponsor Dogs
How the Sponsorship Scheme Works

Welcome Pack

Your Sponsor Dog Welcome Pack includes a Certificate and picture of the dog you are sponsoring. We'll keep you updated on what they have been getting up to with the rest of the Foundation Pack and the team of Dog Trouble carers who look after them. 


Annual or One-off Sponsorship

You can sponsor a dog just for a year or make it a regular annual donation. Our suggested minimum donation for sponsor dogs is £25 per year, but if you can afford more this is very welcome and very much appreciated. Sponsorship money helps pay for the care of your sponsored dog including their food, any supplements or preventive medicine they may need, day-to-day care, veterinary treatment, bedding, treats and toys.

How to cancel an annual subscription

Please contact us by email or in writing if you wish to cancel an annual subscription.

How to contact us

For any queries about our Sponsor a Dog scheme or to change your contact details or preferences:


Telephone – 0118 979 1214 Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 15:00 

Email –


Dog Trouble Foundation is a small charity registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), Company number 11623034. Our registered office is at Birchin Inhams Farm, Heathlands Road, Wokingham, RG40 3AP

Data Protection

Personal information is collected and held in accordance with the Dog Trouble Foundation Privacy Policy.


  • Can I sponsor more than one dog?
    Yes. You can sponsor as many dogs as you wish. Just complete a separate Application Form for each dog.
  • How will my donation be used?
    Your donation helps pay for the day-to-day care that your sponsored dog receives, including everything from nutritious food, supplements, treats and toys to veterinary care and, if required, life-saving surgery.
  • Will I be the only sponsor?
    Our sponsored dogs are supported by a number of sponsors. We simply couldn’t provide all the food, warmth and expert care that the dogs need without the support of these sponsors.
  • Can I visit my sponsored dog?
    Unfortunately it's not currently possible to visit your sponsored dog.
  • Are my donations eligible for Gift Aid?
    Dog Trouble Foundation is not currently eligible to claim Gift Aid. We are a small charity and we don't currently meet the criteria of £5,000 annual income in order to register with the Charity Commission. Although we benefit from being a registered Community Interest Company, because we are not a registered charity we are not eligible to claim Gift Aid. We hope in the future, as we grow, to register as a charity at which point we will be able to include Gift Aid.
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