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Name:  Nellie

Age:  12 years (2011)

Breed:  French Bulldog

Gender: Female

History:  Nellie was a Boot Camp dog where her owner felt it was best if she stayed at Dog Trouble as it was the wrong match between owner and dog.  Nellie had a vestibular episode in 2021 from an inner ear infection and as a result she is a bit wobbly on her feet now but still loves to come out on our morning cycles with the 'Gangster Gang!'  Her eyesight is fading as she ages but she still loves playing with the boys, tummy rubs, sunbathing and the sofa!


Being a Frenchie everything is ‘Eyes and Ears!’  She gets fixated on anything that moves, which used to be your feet when she first arrived!  You have to be calm around Nellie as she senses bad energy a mile off!

If you would like to Sponsor Nellie please click on Sponsor a Dog or call 0118 979 1214.

Videos:  "Nellie - Dog Trouble"

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