Name:  Poppet

Age:  6 years (2014)

Breed:  Cocker Spaniel

History:   Poppet came to Dog Trouble after showing signs of guarding her bed and biting some people when they were giving her affection. Her owners were concerned as they had a baby and were nervous of her living in the house. Due to Poppet’s unpredictability around people that don’t understand how to address and manage her behaviour it was agreed that she would live with the Dog Trouble Pack helping to rehab other dogs.


Likes:  Loves her off lead walks, going swimming and playing with the other dogs. Poppet is great at teaching dogs that are in rehab how to play.


Dislikes:  None!


Issues:  Poppet can get grumpy in the evenings when she is in her bed and you go to touch her but it usually coincides with an ear infection starting to occur.  Hence why it is important to look at your dog’s health in relation to their behaviour!

If you would like to Sponsor Poppet, or if you feel you have the experience to give Poppet a home and to see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 0118 979 1214.