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Name: Milo

Age:  10 years (2013)
Breed: Spaniel

Gender: Male

History:  Milo was bought as a puppy and very quickly his owners realised he was too high energy for them to cope with.  He also started biting at them when they would go to grab him.  So Milo came to live with the foundation and became one of the long term foster dogs.  After watching how he ran it was obvious from 'leg hopping' on his back leg that he was in discomfort, which we realised contributed to his manic hyper-active behaviour.   So after visiting Sarah Girling at Fitzpatricks and getting some CT/MRI scans it was evident that Milo had been born with a malformed vertebrae in his lumbar spine so each time he ran it was pressing on his sciatic nerve.  Unfortunately it is a very risky operation with no guarantees and a very hefty bill !  So we manage his pain as best we can with Agivet supplements, Green lipped mussel powder, Tumeric paste and the occasional dose of medication, as long term medication since he was a puppy would have massively affected his liver.

As a result of being in pain at times Milo can become withdrawn and retreat into his kennel where he wont always come out or he can be really hyperactive!

Aside from all his ailments Milo loves his life on the farm, particularly his morning runs alongside Jo on the bike.  His best day EVER is when he gets to spend a 'farm day' with Jo pottering about doing jobs on the farm.  One very important job which he is in charge of is collecting lost property on the farm, mostly gloves that the workers have dropped!  Milo can be found carrying them for ages until he finds the perfect spot to dig a hole in the ground and bury them in.....only he knows where they all are!

If you would like to Sponsor Milo please click on Sponsor a Dog or call 0118 979 1214.

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