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Name:  Lulu
Age:  5 years approx (2018)
Breed:  French Bulldog

Gender: Female

History:   Lulu had a rough life prior to her last owners adopting her.  As a result Lulu had severe trust issues with humans.  Lulu also had terrible gut and skin issues in addition to repeated ear infections which caused her great discomfort and contributed to her aggressive behaviour issues. 

Lulu was one of the more severe cases we have had to rehabilitate as her health issues were very complex.  During the summer months Lulu also struggles to breath properly due to her breed causing her to have a restricted airway.  It has taken about 1 year to get on top of her health issues which consisted of transitioning her onto a diet of cooked rabbit, fresh greens, Krill oil, probiotics and supplements to help boost her gut health and immune system.  Very gradually she stopped regurgitating her food, had solid stools and her skin started to heal.  With the help of our wonderful vets at windlesham village vets we eventually got on top of her ear infections and Lulu started to have a stronger immune system.  Lulu then became more relaxed and trusting as she was no longer in so much discomfort and she was able to start learning how to trust humans and dogs. 

The most important factor for Lulu is that she lives in a calm, relaxed environment with a routine and around humans and dogs that she can trust.  She can still have her moments when she feels unsure but she gives you clear body language signs of dipping her head with her ears back to warn you and will very quickly relax again given guidance.

Lulu loves a paddling pool to cool off in and loves to be in the house, usually stretched out sleeping!

Due to Lulu's complex health issues and sensitivity to unstable energy she now lives with the Dog Trouble Foundation.

If you would like to Sponsor Lulu please click on Sponsor a Dog or call 0118 979 1214.

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