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Name: Bonnie

Age:  Approx 6 yrs

Breed: Greek hound mix

Gender: Female


History:  Bonnie was dumped in a terrible state in Zakynthos and had clearly not been cared for.  As a result she contracted leishmania (a disease that can be controlled with medication and monitored with annual blood tests) and was left untreated.  Zante strays gave her the treatment she needed and as a result is now a much healthier, happier dog.  However Bonnie is an older dog and the shelter is not a warm, cosy environment for an old dog to live.  So we decided to help Bonnie by trying to find her a home where she will get the love she deserves.  Bonnie loves dogs and people and is a gentle, sweet soul, considering everything she has been through it is quite remarkable!  The Dog Trouble Foundation will support her treatment and her owner to ensure that her leishmania levels are under control which will mean she can have a healthy rest of her life.

Bonnie would suit a home with someone that is older but active as she loves a walk!


If you would like to be considered as a potential owner for Bonnie please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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