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Name: Buster - ADOPTED!
Age: Born 28 October 2018
Breed: Golden Retriever



Buster is a 1-year-old uncastrated male Golden Retriever. He's a beautiful boy, great with people, dogs and kids. He is lively so will need someone with the time and commitment to continue training with him. He walks well on a Halti lead and loves to run. Being young he is learning how to play with dogs respectfully at the centre as he gets very overexcited. He loves running alongside a bike or jogger and would be suited to an active household! He is due to be castrated which will help calm his energy. Buster was given to The Dog Trouble Foundation due to a family break up after having him from a puppy. Anyone who loves the retriever breed would be truly blessed adopting this fabulous boy!


Likes: People, dogs and kids, and running!




If you feel you have the experience to give Buster a home and to see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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