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Name: Scooby
Age:  April 2023
Breed:  Greek hound X

Gender: Male

History:   Scooby had been found hit by a car in Zakynthos, Greece which resulted in him breaking his back leg at the hip joint.  He was taken to mainland Greece for surgery where he had a metal plate fitted, which has since been removed following his leg having healed.  Scooby was petrified when he was found and would often just sit in a corner facing the wall.  Jo met Scooby when she went to visit Healing Paws rescue in Zakynthos and Sue Deeth asked if she would consider taking Scooby into the Dog Trouble foundation rescue-rehab-rehome programme.  Scooby arrived in the UK in April and was very shut down.  We started his rehab getting him to follow us on a long line in the paddock at first and then after a couple of weeks he was able to join pack walks.  Since then he has blossomed and walks really well on a lead with the other dogs.  He has started to play with the other dogs and loves a game of chase, playing very respectfully.

Scooby thrives being with other dogs to give him guidance and we are looking for a home where there is another dog for him to continue to learn from.  Scooby needs a calm home with a structured lifestyle and someone who will commit to working with us in continuing his rehab.  He is growing in confidence quickly but will need further exposure to daily life-walking in public places, noises, cars etc  If you have the patience and the time then Scooby will bring you so much joy as he has a beautiful soul and will develop into a cracking dog. Scooby doesn't need an owner to feel sorry for him, he needs an owner that will show him anything is possible in life given the right direction and support!

If you feel you could be the right owner for Scooby please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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