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Name: Dylan - ADOPTED!
Age: Born March 2016
Breed: Labrador X

History:  Dylan and his sister were found as puppies in a field in Agios Sostis.  They were taken into foster care but nobody seemed to want Dylan, so he has been with Zante Strays since 2016.  Dylan gradually became very insecure in the rescue environment so Jo selected him to be brought over for rehabilitation at Dog Trouble.  Just after 4 days Dylan became a happier ‘normal’ dog! His confidence is growing around people and HE loves to say ‘Good Morning’ to you with a face lick!  Dylan truly is the most loving dog who is so joyful being around the dogs.  He works his way around the Dog Trouble Pack saying ‘Hello’ with a face lick and checking in with each of them.  Dylan has moments of feeling anxious if he hears a noise or there is a sudden movement but is quick to bounce back and gain direction from you.  He needs someone who has the time to help build his confidence and take him to different places exposing him to overcome his challenges of coping with ‘life’.  Dylan would really benefit from being with another dog if possible or having daily exposure to dogs as he ‘follows’ their direction.  He is a true sweetheart with a big heart and deserves a loving home!


Likes: To play with other dogs, calm energy.


Dislikes: Sudden noises/movement


If you feel you have the experience to give Dylan a home and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

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