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Name: Maggie
Age: 1/6/2012
Breed: Hellenic Hound Mix


History:  Maggie was left at the shelter in Zakynthos, Greece by some gypsies 4 years ago very underweight.  she found the shelter very noisy with all the other dogs and would often be found sleeping in a kennel.  Maggie was brought over to Dog Trouble as she had some major health issues and needed treatment immediately.  This sweet girl has been through a lot and yet she still wags her tail each time you come down in the morning or when the other dogs come in.  She loves dogs, other animals and people, she is just very shy and still learning how to trust people.  You would not find a more loving soul than Maggie who is happy to have a secure steady home with a dog bed and some cuddles.  Maggie would suit owners who are retired but still active to take her for a gentle walk.


Likes: Her bed where she feels safe.  Other dogs and the company of gentle energy.


Dislikes: Sudden movement, loud noises, nervous of roads/cars at present.


If you feel you have the experience to give Maggie a home and to see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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