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Name: Pixie - ADOPTED!
Age: Approximately 4 years
Breed: Mixed breed


History:  Pixie was brought over from Zante Strays in Greece along with Olive. She's an anxious girl and had been befriended by Olive who we brought over because she needs treatment after being shot and we didn't want to leave Pixie to fend for herself. Although she's a frightened little girl we'll soon be able to build her confidence. Because of their close attachment, Olive and Pixie would benefit from being rehomed together.

We provide an induction programme and support to potential owners of dogs being rehomed under this programme, which is the best support you will ever get compared to other organisations! 


Likes: Olive




If you feel you have the experience to give Pixie a home and to see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

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