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Name: Rudy
Age: Born June 2015 approx
Breed: Mixed


History:  This handsome boy was dumped at Zante strays shelter in Zakynthos, Greece. He was in a terrible state, malnourished and suffering with leishmaniasis.  He had spent 3 years in the shelter and was overlooked often due to his looks and being a strong dog.  So he came and joined the rehab team at Dog Trouble in October 2021 where he has learned to walk respectfully on lead and interact with other dogs.  Rudy's leishmaniasis is now in a dormant state and he will need this monitored with annual blood tests.

Rudy has a very high Prey drive and is not trustworthy around any small animals.  He can interact on a long line with some dogs however he is not trustworthy to be off lead or in a house with other dogs.  Rudy is strong but he has a BIG heart.  He loves the comfort of his bed and his antler to chew on!  Rudy would really benefit being in a home with adults only that are experienced with dogs.  He loves his walks and runs but equally likes being indoors where it is warm and loves his bed!

Rudy may be a dog with limitations around other dogs and small animals but he actually is a really easy dog to own, so long as you respect and understand he will never be a dog that you can have off lead in public places.


Dog Trouble will support potential owners with training sessions to ensure that he has a successful home.  If you feel you have the experience to give Rudy a home and would like to be considered then please Email or call 0118 979 1214.

If you would like to Sponsor Rudy until he finds a home then please click on Sponsor a Dog 

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